tax-planning-and-prep-iconYou need accurate tax returns, presented most effectively for the IRS and outside users, such as banks or potential purchasers. I strive to make the process pleasant, easy, and quick for you. I, and each of my team, always watch for your hidden opportunities. I want to make you aware of any possible tax savings or other ideas which would increase your quality of life.

How can you save or defer taxes? Are there timing decisions, especially at year-end, that would decrease your tax? Is your business structure one that maximizes tax benefits for you? Should you buy or lease, and, now or later? Working together on these and other tax planning opportunities can free up money for you to use in more important and fun arenas than income tax.


What is the cost for my tax return?

We discuss the cost for your tax return before preparation, so you know what to expect.

How long will it take for you to prepare my tax return?

It depends on timing, but I always want as quick a turnaround time as possible. I can estimate the turnaround time on request when your information is complete.

Are you going to extend my tax return?

I prefer not to extend tax returns unless you prefer to do so, the information comes in too late to be able to get it out, or there are issues that make extension the most appropriate choice.

What is the cost for tax planning?

A simple tax planning session costs $300, and cost increases with complexities and calculations needed.

How would I know if I need tax planning?

If you wonder if it would be helpful for you, please ask.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is sending some tax data outside of the firm for data entry only, keypunching the raw data.

Who prepares the return if you outsource?

I prepare the return, always - if outsource is used, it’s only for keypunching.

What if I have questions about my tax return?

I always welcome questions and want to discuss them with you.

When should I bring my information in?

The earlier you bring it in, the quicker our turnaround time, and the lower the likelihood of needing to extend.

How should I collect my information for you?

Use any method that works well for you. I send data arrangers to previous clients, and to new clients on request, but using them is optional.