icon-heartSally's Story

I had a wonderful life - a thriving CPA firm with diverse, fun clients, big family, fantastic friends and tennis team. Then, in 2008, my muscles started growing out of control. I looked like a professional bodybuilder, but, one on steroids. Ironically, I was also increasingly weak. I went to Duke, then the National Institutes of Health, where I was diagnosed with a terminal condition, and then on to the Mayo Clinic for a stem cell transplant. And now, I’ve come full circle. I enjoy a thriving firm with stimulating people. I believe that life flows through us, and, I want to increase its flow in and through me, and into and through your business to the world.


icon-speaksSally Speaks

Sally speaks, about her medical story, about facets of business success, and sometimes about their intertwining. Her business talks include The Four Ways to Grow Your Business, Benchmarking for Profitability, Improving Systems and Processes, Key Performance Indicators - Tools For Business Performance Management, Managing Your Cash Flow, SWOT: Your Business Health Check, and Working ON Rather Than IN Your Business. If you need a speaker for your next event, call to see if Sally has a topic that would enrich your audience. Sally’s speaking engagements include Thriving Firm Talks in Orlando, Florida, Partnership for Public Service in Washington, DC, and Medical University of South Carolina. She has also appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 and Sixty Minutes.