Million Dollar Check: Crafting your business

If I write you a check for million dollars and you put it in your pocket, what is it doing for you? You have then the means to do $1 million of something. But while it is in your pocket, is not earning any interest. If the $1 million of something that you will do with it includes any form of sowing seeds, those seeds are not yet preparing to germinate.

How do you and I have a million-dollar check that we carry in our pockets? Countless ways, really.
• When we have a general intention of the things that we need to do for our businesses to serve people better, and I don’t reduce it to writing, break it in pieces, get those pieces on the calendar and moving into action
• When a client has offered a suggestion or a resource, and we don’t take action on it
• When we fail to do something that we committed to do
• When our business has components with a repetitive cycle, and the cycle contains any waste.
• When there are people available and interested to connect, and we do not follow up
• Anytime we don’t plan for the implementation of what we know needs to be done
• Anytime we don’t promptly do what we have planned and scheduled to do in line with our big plan
• When we don’t have a book that were reading that teaches us more in the area in which we are serving the world
• When our financial statements do not provide us with meaningful management information
• When we let ourselves become disconnected from our deepest vision for our business

Accountants have a principal about incoming money: deposit intact daily. Get the money in the bank right away. How can we do that, with our intangible million-dollar check? Again, countless ways, really. The trick for you is to tenaciously work your way through different ideas and systems, to learn what works best for you. Different things work best for different people.

While you can do these things in different ways, I recommend finding some way that works for you to do the following.

Clarify your vision. Have a written plan in some form. Create a way to prioritize the parts in order of which contribute the greatest value to your business. Break the pieces into tasks, order the tasks by relative size, and schedule chunks into your calendar. Create communication systems – with your team, with the people who will handle the different aspects of your plan, with your partners, with your associates, and especially with yourself. Regularly assess your progress.

As you build in the parts of your plan, include monitoring and follow-up provisions. Design new business components to report on themselves, to give you feedback about when they are on track and when they are going astray.

Watch for waste. Almost all of us have waste built into our systems, and the cost is extremely high. Removing even a small amount of waste, especially in a process that is repetitive, can yield very high returns very quickly.

Find a way to keep your eyes on the prize. Create a vision board, start a tally sheet of tasks done and remaining, put a picture that represents the accomplished next task on your screen saver, put something that represents the accomplished next task on your desk, recruit a friend to frequently discuss how wonderful it will be when the next phase has been accomplished.

And – when you have accomplished it, celebrate! Champagne, lunch with a friend, the afternoon off, chocolate, a ballgame, – something special! Because when you get that million-dollar check deposited in the bank, it helps many more people than just you.


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