In the Full Circle program, we will:

  1. Assess your current business health
  2. Create & implement an action plan for dramatic improvement
  3. Come to know (and understand!) your numbers
  4. Go with the flow (cash flow, that is!)
  5. Find and remove invisible waste
  6. Benchmark against-and plan to surpass - industry standards
The natural result is:

  • You have more confidence
  • Your business becomes balanced and healthy
  • Profits increase
  • You have FUN with your business again!


I also offer standalone services, including:

  • Cash flow projections
  • Systems refinement to improve efficient (and profitable) flow
  • Profit maximization workshop
  • Benchmark to industry
  • Determine effects (often dramatic) of small changes in price, quantity, or frequency of sales transactions
  • Breakeven analysis
For clients interested in Full Circle, I offer a complimentary consultation, usually 60 to 90 minutes.


What is the cost?

It differs , so I offer a complimentary consultation to determine the appropriate investment.

Will it pay for itself?


I always anticipate,and have always experienced, that the results more than repay the investment.  One client met their five-year goal in the first year - having done only the action plan.

What if you recommend something I don’t want to do?

You are always in charge and your decision is the best one.

Do you or I implement the action plan steps?

We work together deciding who will implement the various individual tasks of the action plan.

My business is doing OK - why would I do this?

You would consider this if you want to take your business to the next level - if you want excellent, rather than OK, results.

Why bother making small changes?

Small changes can often yield dramatic results.

What if I can’t clear the time?

I intend to accommodate your timing, including after hours appointments. But if you cannot make regular time to work on your business, Full Circle is not a good fit for you.

Won’t it be awkward if I do this and keep my current CPA?

I don’t expect any awkwardness - these are complementary, not competing, services.

How long will it be before I see results?

Each situation is unique. One client met their five-year goal in the first year.

What about my team members/employees - are they involved, and if so, how?

Where team input would be helpful, you and I structure it to be best for your business.

I own my business with several other folks. How does it work with multiple owners and decision-makers?

The business diagnostic can include three sets of responses. It can be very powerful to do this work with a group of owners.